[Wolves] X configure

David Goodwin david at openminds.co.uk
Tue Apr 20 14:48:14 BST 2004

Silent Chain wrote:
> Hi all 
> I know this is going to sound kinda dumb but I'v just
> got Debian installed using feather linux to get it on
> my system as I thought seems every one else says it's
> so good I would give it a try. But X is now stuck in
> 640X480 pixels and about 4 colours. I'm not sure where
> to start to fix this problem as I kind of got used to
> GUI's and auto-configured stuff from using other
> distros.
> Josh

Cycle through X's modes - e.g. try
alt+ctrl+NUM_PAD_PLUS (a few times)

IF that improves things, then try editing /etc/X11/XF86Config and 
putting a Mode line into the Screen section to make it default to a 
higher resolution / better set of colours (google for more info)

There might be a debian configure tool for X... I don't know.


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