[Wolves] MAC OS X and using OS 9 classic (off-topic)

Rob Annable rob at annable.co.uk
Tue Apr 20 15:37:00 BST 2004

OK, this is way, way, way off topic - apologies. Need some help with a G4 we
have at work and you guys are the best bet I've got.

Just bought Panther so that we can network better with the other machines.
All installed fine, but then we realised that we need to install OS 9 as
well so that we can run some of our applications.

Predictably, it's giving us grief. Has anyone here ever done it? I'm sure
there are a few Mac users out there. The manual seems to suggest you can do
it without partitioning, but it's not working - what order are you supposed
to install stuff? X first or 9?


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