[Wolves] Screensaver - custom

Aquarius aquarius-lists at kryogenix.org
Wed Apr 28 10:51:43 BST 2004

Wayne Morris spoo'd forth:
> Is it possible/easy to use a program output as a 'screensaver'?
> Ie, I have my security camera images being saved as a webpage on my
> server, I would like this webpage to be displayed on linux client
> computers when they are not in use - ie instead of a screensaver they
> display a browser using the webpage as the homepage?
> Any ideas?

Yeah. XScreenSaver can use any program at all that can render an image
to the root window as a screensaver. There are two approaches that I
can think of here:

1. Find something that can render HTML to the root window. I've not
found anything that can do this, but I haven't looked very hard :) You
could probably write your own thing using KHTML or GtkHTML2; the root
window is an X window like any other. This would be hard-ish.

2. Do it as a slideshow; flick between the images and zoom each one to
full screen. This would be trivial; write a shell script that calls
xsetroot repeatedly on a directory of images and sleeps between each.


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