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Jono Bacon jonobacon at yahoo.com
Fri Apr 30 14:33:32 BST 2004

Hi Simon,

> Ok,
> this is a bit of a weird done, can anyone tell me
> how big one plain text 
> (ASCII) character is in terms of bits or bytes?, i
> used to know but 
> completely forgotten. The only reason I ask is that
> i need to find how 
> much plain text data i can have in a 2Tb file. A
> strange request i know 
> and a 2Tb file is huge and i never intend to reach
> that size but i need 
> it to prove a point heh.

No idea. :)

> By the way, I'm bringing beer to the next lug meet
> as i didn't at the 
> expo ( i did offer beer to get beer which i didn't,
> so beer you shall 
> have better late than never and in all honesty the
> only reason i didn't 
> is as no one answered my request about where people
> would be on the 
> Wednesday, so im bringing carling, stella, banks
> original and a bit of 
> cider for the cider drinkers).

I will happily drink it. Thanks. :)


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