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David Goodwin david at
Wed Aug 11 16:45:29 BST 2004

>>Anyone up for a meet this week?
>>Wednesday, 11th August 2004 7:30 pm onwards
>>Standard Restaurant, Cleveland Street,
>>1/ Ron
>>2/ David + Kat (work permitting, may be too tired)
s - Will try to go if not too exhausted! :)
>>2. Fizz - Preston at home, might come after if we win
>>3.PeteC- Usual excuse (Daughters), (what happened to alternative night idea?)
> As not many people can commit th this Wednesday, do we try to meet up
> another night?
> Comments/Suggestions please

Is there a meet tonight then? It seems a bit pointless if only Kat, Ron 
and I turn up...

(Is it holiday season?)

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