[Wolves] PGP

Old Dan dan at dannyboy.dnsalias.org
Thu Aug 12 10:50:18 BST 2004

Jon Farmer wrote:
> I have checked with everyone at work and they see the stuff correctly. I
> may switch it off for this list if it is causing a problem.

I reckon it's probably the Mailman sig confusing Mozzie.  Are you 
sending using MIME?  I'd guess not, as with Ron's message I get the PGP 
Signature as an attachment.

I've tried sending a message to myself in both (both with & without 
MIME) and I can't see the PGP stuff in either.  However, Mailman that ain't.

And so, for this post only I'm sending a PGP .sig with MIME to satisfy a 
curiosity. Apologies to those who don't have it.

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