[Wolves] PGP

Peter Evans zen8486 at zen.co.uk
Thu Aug 12 12:42:17 BST 2004

Like Jon I've got a interest in cryptography so I was quite interested to see 
people using digital signatures on the forum.

I'll admit that I don't know if I'm having anything like the issues as 
described by other people here, because I'm new to Linux and the Kontact 
suite with Kmail seems to be working fine at the moment.  What I see is a 
message with a nice highlighted border telling me that the messages have been 
signed with unknown key '0x...' because I've no public keys for the sender.

Jon manages to find the public key for Ron on the first server he tries, well 
so did I, the only problem is that the public key I've found for Ron doesn't 
match the one that's being reported as used from Kmail.  I checked 
http://pgp.mit.edu/ using Ron's email address and got the key 0D39F45B, 
nothing like the 0x4B4FFCA30D39F45B being reported by Kmail.  So either my 
setup is wrong (again!) or I've managed to pickup an old/alternate key for 

I have a feeling it may be the later because when I go looking for Jon's 
public key it's the same story.  I checked http://keyserver.veridis.com/en/ 
with Jon's email address and got two PGP keys one with an ID of 60FBFD95 the 
second with 57EE07B3, both of them fairly old being generated in 2001.  The 
key being reported to me by Kmail is 0xFF499040.

May I ask for a little advice here, can one of you point me in the direction 
of a key server that has the latest keys you are using, or tell me that I 
have completely the wrong end of the stick and let me know why I'm seeing the 
information as described.  Alternatively you could post your public key to 
the forum (if that's allowed?).  If you've embedded the public key already 
then apologies in advance, let me know you have and I'll try to find out how 
to extract it using the Kontact tools.

Thanks for your time.

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