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Jon Farmer jonfarmer at enta.net
Thu Aug 12 13:58:20 BST 2004

Peter Evans wrote:

> Can't recall who asked about access to the Verisign (and allied commerical) 
> cryptographic code.  The short answer is you can't get access to the code, 
> that's proprietary and company copyrighted.  I believe this to be true for 
> Verisign and other crypto providers, but I have make it clear that this is 
> only my understanding and as I don't work for any of them I can't be sure 
> that it's completely accurate.  If someone does know of a commercial crypto 
> house that publishes it's source code then please let us know.  What should 
> be freely available to all is the algorithms that these companies use upon 
> which their product is based.

Algorithms alone are no good. You need to know if there are any back 
doors or other vunerabilities in the software. Some have alleged in the 
past that the NSA has a back door into PGP. Having the source code 
allows you to find out for yourself if there are any back doors or other 
nasties in your product of choice.



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