[Wolves] PGP

sparkes sparkes at westmids.biz
Thu Aug 12 16:10:20 BST 2004

Peter Cannon wrote:

>On Thursday 12 Aug 2004 13:19, The wise and knowledgeable fizzy proclaimed:
>>The web of trust works by me saying I am who I am.
>>Then sparkes saying, yup he is who he is.  If you want
>>to check I am who I say I am you follow the path...
>>"oh, if sparkes says who he is he /must/ be who he
>A bit thin don't you think? 
That's the way it works.  I trust fizzy.  I know who he is and I have 
seen his id that confirms he is who he says he is.  So I sign his key.  
I now trust fizzy because I can check the validity of his emails based 
on the encrypted signature.

Now you know me.  You check that I am who I say I am and you sign my key 
and I yours.  Now we trust each other.  I can trust your mails based on 
your signature and you can trust mine.  Because I trust fizzy and you 
trust me you can choose to trust fizzy also.

<weather forcast="fecking hell" />

just seen the largest hail stones in my life!

>look at the bigger picture. The concept of you 
>sending me a PGP mail is fine I don't know you I've not met you but I know 
>your a member of this list so on that basis and that basis alone I trust your 
you trust to a certain extent but you wouldn't trust this connection to 
give fizzy information about your private life like a message to a 
doctor ;-)  For that you would want a little bit of that magical trust 

>However in the big bad world its a different kettle of fish.
>This is the point thats being missed, everyone is thinking in terms of the 
>list rather than globally infact we do not need PGP because if I follow the 
>ethos of web of trust we already have that by way of communication with each 
>other via the list eg. wolvs-lug is our ID/key (Know theres a thought)
the lug performs as a basic web of trust but (as jon said) it could 
perform a greater part in a web of trust by having a key signing get 
together.  I know Rob G from SB lug collected a lot of keys when ESR 
failed to turn up so when we sign each other if someone went over to SB 
lug we would extend our reach somewhat.

>>Of course, this method too is pretty breakable, unless
>>sparkes has seen my passport etc does he actually know
>>I am who I say I am?
>>But at least the second method is free :)
>I like free but thats the problem because its free everyones got it and 
>everyone thinks they should use it.
I don't think everyone should use it for every mail but it makes sense 
when trust becomes an issue.  Someone on this list forwarded some 
business mail to me from a third party today, but luckily I know the 
parties involved so It offers a little bit more trust but it could have 
been a fourth party with knowledge of the arrangement who wanted to 
distrupt the third parties business or effect my and the other persons 
relationships with them.


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