[Wolves] PGP

Peter Evans zen8486 at zen.co.uk
Thu Aug 12 17:27:05 BST 2004


Is the fact that my encrypted message can be accessed by 'the powers that be' 
on the serving of a warrant an actual restriction on my ability to send them?  
I feel that it isn't, but I have to accept there now exists a risk that what 
was previously safe data within my control that others may have access to my 
key and lets face it, if I really, really want the data to disappear I can 
always lose the key.

Here's an analogy:  Speed Limits are legally enforced, I can break them if I 
choose to do so and indeed vehicles are routinely capable of doing this.  To 
balance this they've invented all sorts of detection measures to spot when 
I'm doing this.  Speed limiters on the other hand are devices that ensure 
that a certain speed cannot be exceeded.  When fitted (and not by-passed) 
then no matter how hard you try you cannot exceed the set speed.

I guess what I was trying to ask was that, in respect of sending encrypted 
content, when/if they will give up on the idea of using speed limits and put 
speed limiters in their place.  Does this make sense?

I've really enjoyed the debate today, is it often like this?

Pete Evans

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