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Barbie barbie at missbarbell.co.uk
Thu Aug 12 17:30:38 BST 2004

On 12 August 2004 14:36 fizzy wrote:

>  --- Jon Farmer <jonfarmer at enta.net> wrote:
>> you need to throw some serious CPU's at that.
> Good job they've got the largest cray in the world
> then :)
> An old cray from 1993 in now in their _museum_.  It
> has 32 gig of RAM.  My top spec machine has half a gig :(

Back in 1996, a friend of mine's brother worked for Silcon Graphics (Cray as was) somewhere down Reading way. He was responsible for the biggest mainframe at the time, before it was shipped to the US National Weather Service (or whatever they're called). I forget its power, memory capacity, etc, but it was huge. He phoned us up one day to tell us he was bored and that he decided to take other measures to test the machine's capabilities. And the other measures? He was playing Quake on it ... and was getting ritually trounced by the bots he'd created. He was complaining it was running too fast!!!

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