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Barbie barbie at missbarbell.co.uk
Fri Aug 13 10:30:43 BST 2004

On 13 August 2004 10:13 Jon Farmer wrote:

> However most people are blissfully unaware how easy it is for others
> to read
> their email :-)

That is changing, as understanding how spam filtering works is getting more press attention. Matt Sergeant has a great T-Shirt he likes to wear, it simply states "I read your email". Although I don't think he wore it for his TV appearance on the Money Programme earlier this year :)

Reading at the internet level though is perhaps less of a issue for most individuals. Admins reading private emails sent from within companies is a much bigger problem. In a previous company, myself and a few others where issued with an extreme measure of trust, in that we were responsible for the mail servers. We only ever had to intercept one account in the time I was there, but it was easy as pie to read anyone's.

More and more companies are employing Content Control measures to ensure that mail sent out of the company doesn't contain any trade secrets and the like. And they do read your email if it gets flagged.

Alarmingly, it is really surprising how often you hear of people sending their credit card information via plain text email. Then again, I'm just as surprised how often people fall for the phishing scams.

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