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Barbie barbie at missbarbell.co.uk
Fri Aug 13 11:31:14 BST 2004

On 13 August 2004 10:36 Jon Farmer wrote:

> I agree most companies are starting to wake up to email issues. My
> comments were more directed to individuals, sorry I didn't
> make that clear.

You did. I was pointing out why individuals might want to consider what their companies can do :) 

In recent years, a clause has been added to some employment contracts, that includes something along the lines of; the company upholds the right to monitor email and internet usage if it deems the employee is abusing it. By signing it you allow company representatives to read your mail. In Germany its rather different and can make scanning services very awkward to protect the privacy of the individual.

Although encryption might not be seen as a high priority now, I can see it gaining more support in the future. There are changes a foot with regards to email anyway, due to the spam problems reaching unprecedented levels, and signing mails has been one suggestion.

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