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Philip Moore ptm48 at uklinux.net
Fri Aug 13 14:48:14 BST 2004

On Friday 13 August 2004 13:42, Wayne morris wrote:
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>   Hello,
>   A question for you guys and girls :-)
>   I have £200 spare and have long decided that I need a new printer that
> can print out photos really well and I also need a new graphics card (I
> recently bought Grand Theft Auto Vice City) and really noticed how jerky it
> was, mines only a 32MB card
>   I have in mind an Epson of some sorts for my printer, which would you go
> for? I only want to spend about £100ish pounds on one
>   Yuck, hate epsons for one very good reason - you need to load the paper
> from behind - so you can't tuck the printer away on a shelf or under a
> desk. HP's front load, and are execellent for quality and relaiabilty, only
> ever had one break in 10 years and had about 10 different models in that
> time. The broke one was replaced overnight by HP, and only had a paper pick
> up fault.
>   I've had HP 970c for years and they are superb, and recently got a
> Psc2410 all-in-one for £170 - though the psc range starts at about £100 The
> extra dosh gets you some compact flash card readers, a lcd display, so you
> can print straight from card. Both models have drivers for LInux in Redhat,
> both these also have optional duplex unit so you can print on both sides of
> the paper - tho don't think this featyure is supported by Linux.
>   cheers
>   Wayne


I would agree that HP printers are generally good but the cost of the ink 
cartridges is truly disgraceful (a new colour and B&W cartridge for my 640C 
(old I know but still working well) is in excess of £40 - the printer with 
cartridges only cost £60 odd.  My next printer will NOT be a HP.

My next printer will be a laser printer - the cost pere print is far less and 
in the long term (depending on the number of prints you produce) could be 
cost effective.

Philip Moore

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