[Wolves] OS X style panel in Gnome 2.6

Matthew Revell matthew.revell at gmail.com
Mon Aug 16 08:31:22 BST 2004


On Sun, 15 Aug 2004 18:44:51 +0100, Jono Bacon <jono at jonobacon.org> wrote:
> You can certainly make the KDE panel look like the Mac OS X one. See my
> attempt at

Cheers. I'm pretty sure I've seen something looks much more like the
OS X panel ... i.e. exactly like it, with the zooming icons.

> I would be interested too. It seems that using official packages for any
> distro is simple now - it is just whether the official packages are kept
> up to date. What seems to screw a distro up is when you start using
> unofficial packages.

Yeah, I don't foresee any probs keeping the system up to date. What I
like about my Fedora experience is that everything has just worked.
With Debian, I regularly had to struggle to get simple things working.
Also, Fedora nicely finished off, with the Is dotted and the Ts

Matthew Revell
Writer and editor

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