[Wolves] Firewall Question

Martyn Carey lists at kryogenix.co.uk
Wed Aug 18 15:56:44 BST 2004

Peter Evans wrote:

>Would just like to canvas some opinions on whether the firewall that comes as 
>standard with the SuSE Pro 9.1 distro is good enough to count on as a decent 
>line of defense, or whether I'm just asking for trouble?
>Anyone have any links for web-sites that could be used to probe my machine and 
>report vulnerabilities? I've used both Symantec and NAI for Windows before 
>and was wondering if there's a Linux alternative?
I Dont know about the default firewall i have never relied upon them 

Regards a good port probe website is www.grc.com. This scans by default 
the most common ports and gives
indiction of exsistence etc, it also has a custom probe so you can scan 
any port number.

Hope this helps

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