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kev adams kev at magicmoon.co.uk
Thu Aug 19 15:44:54 BST 2004

Hi Peter

I don't have any experience with Suse (apart from playing around with the 
ocassional live CD) but have noticed a few people here seem happy with it.  
Fedora Core 1 seemed great at first - I was impressed with the amount of 
recent software included.  I had to re-install my network card several times 
though as it seemed to almost randomly forget the settings (?)  There were 
also issues with FC1 update being broken - I'd presumed the service was 
heavily oversubscribed & just running very slowly until I found out it was a 
known problem.  Then one day the whole file system started to corrupt & after 
a short time became unbootable.  I had to repartition so it seemed like a 
good time to play with debian again ;~)  I've got a couple of debian installs 
running at the moment but they're both running an agnula set up so are 
running unstable.  I've installed it three times now & each time it gets 
easier - always takes a bit of playing around to get X set up though.  The 
apt tools are the best - I'm becoming a convert!

Seems to me that these days the hardest part in choosing a distro is the sheer 
number of decent distros out there!

How have you found FC2?  When I was choosing between Fedora/Debian I seemed to 
be choosing between newer/more up to date software (kernel 2.6, KDE 3.2 etc.) 
or a proven, stable & well established distribution.  Of course redhat which 
fedora is based on has been around for a while now ;~)

To find out about A2RT have a look at a2rt.org  It's basically set up to 
create a media lab/open access space by recycling donated systems.  Based in 
Brum.  They have a warehouse now too so it's looking good.


On Thursday 19 Aug 2004 13:12, Peter Cannon wrote:
> On Thursday 19 Aug 2004 12:27, The wise and knowledgeable kev adams
> proclaimed:
> Hi Kev
> Nice to see your mail, I use FC2, Suse pro 9.1
> What was the issue with FC? also what is A2RT? I liked Mandrake I think its
> the bees knees for newbies.
> I am not a Debian demi-god yet I tried to install it but the machine was a
> little old, got Slackware on it instead.
> I've been learning Linux for about 18 months can just about switch the dam
> thing on :-)

kev at magicmoon.co.uk

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