[Wolves] List Stats

sparkes sparkes at westmids.biz
Mon Aug 23 09:28:58 BST 2004

Jon Farmer wrote:

> sparkes wrote:
>> To make things worse I don't remember this address/name ever 
>> participating in the list so he's just subscribed for recruitment 
>> purposes, arsehole.
> Hi Sparkes
> Sean has contributed to this group in the past but not for a long time 
> as I remember. However like you I find indiscriminate out of office 
> replies are intensely irritating at least.

I've just managed to talk to the commercial director of Now recruitment 
as every IT person is off today and he is a little disapointed that they 
are looking like arseholes to such a large mailing list.

He's going to get in touch with sean or jamie and make sure it stops 
asap before now look even more silly.


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