[Wolves] sean spencer

sparkes sparkes at westmids.biz
Mon Aug 23 09:59:58 BST 2004

Helen Rose wrote:

>if i ever meet the guy i will be treding on his toe.
I think the apology will be a laugh, I have to wait for someone to reply 
before I can read it all messages from that domain are going straight 
into the bin at the moment. 

Downloading message 47 out of 52 and then 2 appear in my inbox.  I feel 
sorry for the guys on dial up today.

>That was ten mins of my life i could have spent doing
>something usefull.
>like work,
don't do that! it hurts.

>hope aside from the spurious email, everyone is good,
I just wasted about 30 mins attempting to sort this out when I have a 
meeting in about 5 mins

>i just hope people who dont check the list regularly,
>have a look today, or peoples inboxes are gonna start
>bouncing the mails.

you coming to any meetings this summer Ms Pink ?


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