[Wolves] Is it safe

Chris Procter Chris at foxonline.co.uk
Tue Aug 24 13:04:00 BST 2004

> Anything of interest on the list today? ;-)
No. I'm bored.

> Seriously, its a little off list, has anyone experience of 
> MAC & Microsoft 
> Virtual PC.

Ahem MAC (Media Access Control address) or Mac (abbreviation of Macintosh),
well if others can rant about top posting I can rant about capitalisation.

> Here's the story: Head office in America send over images and text for 
> printing on CD-R disks the files are in MAC format. they need to
> these files so that they can be manipulated on an XP machine using a
> called Discuss (its a label printing software) they print it to file as 
> a .PRN file then copy that to disk then load that on a HDD to print the 
> labels.
> A gifted amateur in the Birmingham office has tried to have a go without 
> success but has no MAC software he did use an Quark V8 and Stuffit.
> I have no experience of MAC machines, Quark or Stuffit and don't want to
> mental buying loads of software, all I'm looking for is a way to, having 
> download the files, view them and convert them to Windows compatable
> Any ideas?

I'm confused about what you're trying to do, there is no such thing as a Mac
format file, there are Mac format CDs (ie hfs not ISO96...whatever format)
but if you have a Mac you can read the CD and copy the files off onto
anywhere you like.

Is the issue reading the CD or converting the files from Quark (or something
else?) to something that Discuss can read, or getting the files from a Mac
to a XP?

As a starter a quick google reveals a couple of apps for reading Mac
formatted CDs in windows (I've never used either)
MacOpener: http://www.dataviz.com/products/macopener
MacDrive: http://www.mediafour.com/support/macdrive5


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