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Adrian Bradshaw adrian.bradshaw at gmail.com
Wed Aug 25 18:12:42 BST 2004

Wolves LUG - Wed Aug 25th 20004
The Standard, Cleveland Street, Wolves
7.30pm - Operationg Comparibeard
   1. SimonB (just a drop in though, as to pickup that Vax if its ok to),
   2. Aq. (has slAQ beardage)
   3. Ron (full beard catched rodents unawares)
  4. Ade (I have a very small beard) - see bellow
  5. sparkes (might shave latter beard an unknown) - might be a no go
  depending on work

  No Go's
   1. Jono (I am slack and have a poor-quality beard)
   2. PeteC (Not present but voting in the usual way) (Slaphead no beard)
 Late Go's
 1. Kev - 8.30 ish (hope to get along to my first meeting - my pregnant
 girlfriend just mentioned that she feels a little funny though so I
 might be busy. She's due very soon!)

 2. Matt (accidental beard, developing through shaving laziness)
 3. Ade - just got called from work so either can go or will be late :-(

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