[Wolves] Sean Spencer of 'spamming fame'......You're all safe...

Sean Spencer sean_spencer at blueyonder.co.uk
Thu Aug 26 07:00:55 BST 2004

Thanks sparkes.

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From:  sparkes
Date:  25/8/04 23:14
To:  Wolverhampton Linux User Group
Subj:  Re: [Wolves] Sean Spencer of 'spamming fame'......You're all safe...

sean_spencer at blueyonder.co.uk wrote:

>Hello ladies & gentlemen,
>I, the aforementioned guffer, "rimming Sean Spencer" - has now removed his work email from the list and subscribed my personal address instead. ;-)

Be careful this list has a history of getting ri**ing (insert name) to
the top of google and before long your name starts turning up with just
the ri**ing.  Not the sort of thing you want family and workmates to
discover ;-)

your exact question has appeared before, if I remember correctly Aq,
Ron, Peter and a few others either discovered the reason or a workaround
so you should be lucky


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