[Wolves] Help Needed

Old Dan dan at dannyboy.dnsalias.org
Fri Aug 27 01:33:07 BST 2004

Peter Evans wrote:
> Was hoping that one of you guys might know of a PC repairer that's likely to 
> be able to help me out.
> Got all the bits together for a rebuild of my home PC and once it's all been 
> put together it's not working.  Problem is I can't figure out if it's the 
> M/Board, GPU or CPU.  It's likely to be either the M/Board or CPU, but 
> without a compatible donor system I can't be sure which it is.
> Not getting any response from POST or BIOS, no beeps, nothing on screen, nowt.  
> I've done all the usual stuff, moved memory modules, cleared CMOS, re-seated 
> CPU, tried to boot with PCI-VGA with no success.  Next step (on 
> recommendation from supplier) is to remove everything off the m/board and 
> supply power, but I'm not quite sure what I hope to achieve from this?
> So any help you can offer is going to be gratefully received.

The point of removing everything is to try and isolate the problem - if 
you get beeps & stuff with everything removed, you know it is a card and 
not the mainboard.

Now, one thing I would try(after removing all the cards) is actually 
removing the mainboard from the case (with the power supply lead still 
in place) and placing it on top of the static bag it came in on top of 
the case.  Yes I know it sounds dangerous but it isn't as long as you 
don't go around touching the board when it's switched on... ;)  The 
reason I suggest this is the most likely reason you're getting no POST 
is because of some sort of short you're unaware of between the case and 
the mainboard.  Honestly, this is the most common cause of this problem. 
  Of course, you /do/ have the speaker connected correctly don't you?  :)


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