[Wolves] Sean Spencer of 'spamming fame'......You're all safe...

James Turner james at turnersoft.co.uk
Sun Aug 29 13:08:52 BST 2004

On Thursday 26 Aug 2004 07:00, Sean Spencer wrote:

> I'd suggest you use ssh port forwarding. I think terminal server uses
> port 3307.


> so :


ssh -L 3389:windowsPC:3389 aUser at work.linux.box

> rdesktop localhost
> Should work. Shame you didn't come to the meeting tonight. I've found the
> performance of vnc or remote desktop to be entirely acceptable when
> tunneled through ssh over my ADSL line...

I have tried VNC over SSH and found the performance to be fairly poor. I have 
also used RDP over IPsec (using dedicated "hardware firewalls") and found the 
performance to be quite usable for small numbers of concurrent users. (upto 
10 or so).

> if you don't have that much bandwidth look at NX, which i've seen working
> really well through e.g. 128kb ISDN etc. 

Hmm, interesting. Will try and remember to have a go with it if presented with 
such circumstances.


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