[Wolves] List: Big 'un

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Wed Dec 1 08:46:26 GMT 2004

Quoting Old Dan <dan at dannyboy.dnsalias.org>:

    1. Jono
    2. Derek
    3. AQ
    4. Simonb
    5. Mike Peters (First timer)
    6. Kat
    7. David
    8. Ade (old timer ;-)
    9. Andrew (egg timer :-p)
    10. Barry
    12. fizz (return of the part timer ;) )
    13. James
    11. Woo (out of timer)
    14. Dan (trying to think of something witty to say before he runs out of
     15. Lee (always on time-r)
   None - everyone will be on time.
   Not going:
    1. Matthew - last week of this term, so I'll be at the big Christmas bash
with Schwuck :)
    2. trig (can't tell the time-r)
   See ya!

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