[Wolves] my own personal web-server

Wayne Morris wayne at machx.co.uk
Wed Dec 1 21:16:34 GMT 2004

OK, I've got an Apache test page I can view over my LAN. Now, how do I
point my domain name at my server?


Right, depends on what your current ISP setup is, I'll descibe mine and see 
how yours fits in.

UK2 hosts my domain-name , USED to host my webpage , and allows you to 
change nameservers free on-line.
I signed up with no-ip.com (for about £20 pa, its a bit vague as I also pay 
them for back up mail-server, port forwarding and a couple of other
things, so forget what each chunk costs).

You put the nameserver names  for no-ip.com into the boxes on your ISP (UK2 
in my case) domain nameserver bit.

So now requests for yourdomain.co.uk are dealt with by no-ip.com
At no-ip.com you have a control page where you can choose to have incoming 
requests forwarded to the IP address you specify (see 2) , and if
you pay extra on the port that you specify. You can also get clever and have 
mail.yourdomain.co.uk sent to a different ip etc.

(2) If your home ip address is not fixed, you will need to download a little 
monitoring program that detects ip changes and automatically updates your
'send to ip' details at no-ip.com

If this sounds overly complicated , it is because of UK2's inefficiencies - 
they do have a facility (web-forwarding) which you can tell to just 'load 
stuff at IP address'
and therby point it straight at your home server, but in UK2's case it fails 
on two basic matters.
1) If you don't have a static ip, you have to update the webforwarding 
everytime manually
2) It can't handle subdirectories automatically, you have to enter each in 
manually -
http//domain.co.uk =
http://doamain.co.uk/main =
which takes for ever with even a basic site with say 10 subdirectories - and 
if the ip changes- re-enter them all again.

But you might be lucky, give your ISP a look and see if webforwarding 
'works' for all situations, and if you have a static ip you are laughing.

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