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Wayne Morris wayne at machx.co.uk
Thu Dec 2 01:34:23 GMT 2004

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> Hi,
>> As far as I know, most isp's don't block home servers for http, just have
>> terms and conditions to prevent overuse - Blueyonder allows webservers
>> but they must be user/pass protected from index page , so general surfers
>> can't get in unless given user/pass.
> So do you mean that blueyonder is not very happy to have a
> webserver :( I couldn't be bothered to read their documents. Maybe I
> should. I was planning to point my domain to my home computer and start
> using it for hosting my web pages.
> Best,
> Dinel
I'm not on Blueyonder any more (thankfully), but you should be able to 
access a range of blueyonder usenet groups only available to current 
subscribers on the Blueyonder newserver..
On there you will find lots of discussion about AUP (acceptable use policy), 
which (and this maybe out of date, been 12 months since I was on) states 
(stated) that
users can run servers for home use, but they should be configured so that 
only users/surfers known to the customer could access them ie front page was 
to be passworded so only friends and family could get in, random surfers or 
a million hits from a link placed in a usenet group would not pull down the 
In practise they didn't target small data users, but would jump on anyone 
trying to run a business site from home or say a counterstrike server with 
lots of traffic.
I ran my business site on it without a hitch for 18 months, but beware the 
'grasses' - other Blueyonder customers loved to report AUP breakers to 

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