[Wolves] .htaccess files(was my own personal web server)

Wayne Morris wayne at machx.co.uk
Fri Dec 3 01:20:19 GMT 2004

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Subject: [Wolves] .htaccess files(was my own personal web server)

> OK, my web server is almost ready to go live. What I want to know now is I
> want to put together an .HTACCESS file to block some domains and IP
> addresses from my site. Whats the format for this? Do I just make a text
> file, call it something like filter.htaccess and format like this ..
> Deny from suchandsuch.co.uk
> Deny from thisandthat.org
> Will that work?
> Barry
Hmm, not up on this one but if I recall .htacess is for stopping users 
getting to get into specific directories without user/pass rather than 
banning them from the site altogether.
If you don't want domains and IP's to visit ANY of your site its somewhere 
else in Linux, more of a firewall or apache config area rather than 
htacess - else you
would need to put a htacess file in EVERY directory on the site which is 
impracticable -could be hundreds.

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