[Wolves] Using Unbuntu on a Windows network

David Goodwin dg at clocksoft.com
Fri Dec 3 16:13:38 GMT 2004

Mark Ellse wrote:
> Unbuntu looks great, and we want to use it in the school here. We have a 
> Windows peer to peer network and need to get to files on Windows machines.
>  From the box, Unbuntu can see the Windows network and see the machines 
> on it. I can browse the file system of another machine, but if I try to 
> edit it with Open Office I get the message:
> Error loading document 
> file:///home/username/smb://networkmachinename/foldername/file.doc:
> /home/username/smb://networkmachinename/foldername/file.doc does not exist.
> Any ideas? I'd be grateful for advice.
> Thanks in anticipation,

Unfortunately not all applications understand the smb:// style URLs. 
Some do (e.g. gedit) (I think most gnome applications do, as they all 
use the gnomevfs backend).

I suspect you have the following options :

1) Copy the file to e.g /tmp and then open it
2) Mount smb://networkmachinename/shareName on the client at e.g. 
/network/shareName and point clients to use this instead.
(this is only practical if there are few shares I suspect, (and you have 
one user per client computer? (_depends on Samba/Windows setup I suspect_)))

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