[Wolves] Changing Ubuntu's default networking profile

MatthewRevell.3247378 at bloglines.com MatthewRevell.3247378 at bloglines.com
Sat Dec 4 10:32:00 GMT 2004


As I've mentioned on this list before, Debian based distros seem
to pick up an odd Malaysian nameserver, from my router. It's a hardware router
and I can find no way to change the nameserver it passes during DHCP.

didn't have the problem and, in Ubuntu, I can go to the Networking util and
add a new profile, which has Blueyonder's nameservers.

I'd rather not have
to change it manually each time. I imagine I could use a script to change
it but that's feels like a kludge. Does anyone know how to change it so that
the default is for Ubuntu to use my choice of nameservers? Fedora, Red Hat
and SuSe all managed it, so I know it's possible :)



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