[Wolves] RE: cups and my lousy hp laserjet6l

Stephen Murphy steve at stephenmurphy.org.uk
Mon Dec 6 09:53:53 GMT 2004

Hi everyone,

I've been loitering around this list for some time and decided it was time to 
make myself useful and actually make a post. 

> However - this good for nothing printer is old (so it gets the blame) and
> although cups is reporting itself as correctly configured my attempts at
> printing either test pages or file content are resulting in half a lne of
> squiggle.
> What can I do? what should I test and is this problem symptomatic of an
> old (and HP) printer or just dodgy configuration by user(me!)?
> ttfn and thanks for the help.

I have successfully got a HP Laserjet 5L (which is virtually identical to a 
6L) to print from many versions of Suse via CUPS.  What driver did you choose 
to use via CUPS?  If you chose a Laserjet 6 driver I don't think it will work 
- and if my (a vague and distant) memory serves, you do get some squiggly 
nonsense printing out.  You will need to choose a 4L, 5L or 6L driver. 

If you have one of those drivers configured already, try pushing the test 
print button on the printer to see if the built in test page comes out OK - 
the printer may just be broken.   If the printer can print an internal test 
page, you'll have to try connecting to another computer to see if you can get 
it work from there - maybe a Windows box or something (my first post and 
already going to get flames for using the 'W' word... :-).

Hope I've been of some help. I don't know what you have/haven't tried already, 
so apologies if I'm 'teaching my granny how to suck eggs' as the bizarre 
saying goes!


Stephen Murphy - West Midlands, UK
steve at stephenmurphy.me.uk

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