[Wolves] Ubuntu Dial up.

Kelly, Martin Martinkelly at wlv.ac.uk
Mon Dec 6 11:12:11 GMT 2004

Dear Luggies,
Clearly, I'm doing someat wrong (RTFM time) but I've just booted up one of my PC's with Ubuntu, and although it looks very interesting, I can't find any applications that deal with a dial up modem.  In the past I've got used to suse/ RH/ Mandrake way of doing it, by finding the network configuration device and writing in provider and telephone details manually (no Problem).  But ubuntu doesn't let me deal with it in the same way.  Is it me?  I would have gone on the ubuntu website for help but I coudn't get my modem to work (Duhhhhh). I'm At work now, and will try a look up later, but if any one can cure my silliness in the meantime.
Martin Kelly.
(It's the Linux magazine copy and not the one that was being handed out at the last lug meet).

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