[Wolves] Ubuntu: Reconfiguring hardware

Chris Ball chris at mnemonik.net
Mon Dec 6 14:59:34 GMT 2004

Kevanf1 wrote:
> But how many do actually really listen to that very sound advice?  I'm
> ashamed to say that I have only just started to do so on my Linux box.
>  Perhaps the flip side of the coin where KDE and Gnome are concerned
> is that changing permissions is 'too' easy?

This is true, but AFAIK kde gives you loads of warning should you try 
and log in as root, so the only problem would be people using SUDO, and 
then running insecure programs from the command line. Mind you, 
anythings possible.

As to making things too easy, I think this is the problem that Linux 
developers have to address. When you take into consideration the power 
over your own PC that Linux gives you, should they turn things off for 
the people who perhaps would misuse them and end up damaging their 
computers or do you leave them in and try and document them as much as 
possible so people are less likely to make mistakes.

I think it would take away from the linux experience if developers of 
distributions or desktop environments 'turned off' parts of the OS so to 
  speak, so you would have to either drop into the console, or activate 
them manually, but I think in the long term it may be the easier options 
if we are to get new people onto use Linux as a replacement desktop 
operating system, especially if we would want to capture the new or 
casual user market.

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