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> > This does have a basis in Linux so bear with me, please.
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> > So, anybody know about the course?  What's involved?
> lots of boring assignments about theory and lots of teaching practise.
> You can't even start the course without about 40 hours of teaching over
> the second half of the course.
> I personally wouldn't bother because the colleges will just take the
> piss and pay you about 20 quid an hour for the hours you are teaching
> (with a maximum of only about 12 hours) but then expect you to work
> every waking hour developing courses and marking.  I don't think I
> worked under 60 hours in any week (+ about 10 hours for 7404
> assignments) and had a fixed maximum earning that put me on a par with
> the kids working in McDonalds.  It's a rip off and the union won't
> support you because they have to protect the rights of full time staff
> to job security and your whole existance is against that core right.
> I have experience of this so I know what I am talking about.  I
> personally wouldn't advise anyone doing this course or starting out as a
> 'part-time' lecturer.  If you want to do it study the PCSE and attempt
> to get a full time job.  Part-time lecturing won't give you enough to
> pay the bills.
> It's incredibly sad but helping people learn in fe doesn't pay the bills
> and you would be better off finding someother outlet for your skills.
> sparkes
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Bugger.  My problem is that I simply don't have the qualifications to
get a decent job.  I can't go back to what I was doing as I am simply
physically unable to do so.  The so called benefits I'm on are
atrocious and getting worse.  All this bull about being able to get
'working family tax credit' even if you earn something like £48,000 a
year?  Rubbish.  My wife and I have total taxable income of £14,080
per annum.  With this we are supposed to bring up two kids - our
eldest doesn't count as she's nearly 21 now.  Which is why I am
looking for a another job.  Our working family tax credit has just
been stopped.  Totally.  Which means we will be minus approx £4,000 a
year. So, I may be forced to consider this 7407 even if just for a
short time.  I can't do any other sort of educational course without
being kicked off benefits completely.

Not easy and bear in mind I'm registered disabled too.  Which despite
all the legislation actually doesn't make a blind bit of difference in
the job market.

Take care.
Kevan Farmer

34 Hill Street
Cheslyn Hay

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