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> Kevan,
> My wife worked as a part-time lecturer until last year when she couldn't
> stand it any more. She would generally agree with Sparkes' comments plus
> a few extra negative points about the way FE is managed. She managed to
> get 28 hours teaching at one point. The rate is intended to include
> payment +50% for preparation which clearly isn't enough.
> She says that Brian May <Brian.May at cannock.ac.uk> runs the 7407 course
> at Cannock Chase Technical College but points out that you don't
> necessarily have to have it to start work. You need suitable knowledge
> and to commit to going on the course. She taught on courses like
> numeracy as well as computing. Don't assume that the computing courses
> will be very technical. Living close is quite important or you can spend
> half your time travelling or hanging around.
> Good luck,
> Woo
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Brian May?  The name rings a bell, and not because of his Queen
namesake.  I did attend Cannock College a few years ago so I may know
the name from there.  From what I'm hearing it does seem that some
colleges treat you better than others.  My neighbour works at
Wolverhampton College and so does his wife.  Apparently the place is
far better than Solihull.  I've heard that Cannock is not so good
which I could understand.  I don't know about Walsall, Rodbaston or
Stafford but they are all within easy travelling distance.  On that
subject, I appreciate travelling eating into pay.  When I was based
over at Telford I was travelling about 45 to 50 miles per day round
trip.  Driving a Land Rover Discovery was a real drain on my income
especially as the pay was awful.  So, yes, travelling does have a
major part to play.  Besides I couldn't physically stand that sort of
driving everyday, my 'problems' wouldn't be able to take the strain.

Cheers for the input.

Take care.
Kevan Farmer

34 Hill Street
Cheslyn Hay

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