[Wolves] Christmas bash

Ade adrian.bradshaw at gmail.com
Thu Dec 9 17:28:16 GMT 2004

Sorry, I didnt realise that you had to be a member to be able to vote
on a Poll. Can anyone confirm this this the case. Matt?

Thanks to everyone who has posted to this so far, can I encourage more
people to speak up, this is quite important - I dont think anyone on
the Lugradio team wants to upset or discourage any Lug members from

Come up the rest of you, speak up - there is no right or wrong answer
here and Im pretty sure you arent gonna offend us :-)

We really do need to get some kind of impresssion about how people feel on this

As Matt says, *IF* we did go ahead, we`d do so on the sofa outside and
no-one would be forced to join in.

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