[Wolves] Powergen from Mozilla Firefox

kev adams kev at magicmoon.co.uk
Tue Dec 14 23:18:02 GMT 2004

> No, it seems that those responsible had already decided to follow the
> path of righteousness themselves. Though I think the fact that the
> company is far less bastardy than LUG Radio first suggested would be
> well worth mentioning on the next programme, don't you? ;-)

Naaah Powergen really are bastards - borderline crooks I'd say after dealings 
with them not so long ago.  I was amazed that a company of that size was 
capable of behaving in such a cowboy fashion trying to rip off my girl 
friend.  Anyone thinking of changing their supplier to powergen be very 
careful!  Keep all of your bills & check them thoroughly.


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