[Wolves] Sparc and other non x86 hardware resellers

Adam Sweet drinky76 at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 15 17:14:56 GMT 2004

Hi all

Does anyone know of any resellers of Sparc or other
non x86 hardware in the UK?

Or, heh... does anyone know of anybody chucking out
any such hardware and willing to allow it to be
repurposed at a reasonable or no cost? Low to mid
range would be fine.

Or shall I stick to Ebay? I've got bored of playing
with x86 and need some new toys. You can't play in the
middle of the road unless you've seen the other side.

Any pointers gratefully received. C'mon Turpin you
must do ;) And remember I'm a student relying on a
Barclaycard at exhorbitant interest rates...





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