[Wolves] Tonight's do

trig wolves at trig.org.uk
Wed Dec 15 17:21:41 GMT 2004

> Whereabout exactly is The Standard say in relation to Stafford Street?
>  I'm coming from Bushbury way into the City. I can get the A to Z out
> and I will no doubt know Cleveland Street.  But what's near to it?

er.. No idea.. I just know the way from the M6 J10.. Sorry

> Secondly what sort of time do things start to happen :-)
People usually try to be there for 7:30, some people get there earlier..
Bring your own drink btw, its very expensive for 'pint coke'... Even if its
just juice, bring your own.. We usually eat about 8:00-8:30 and leave when
we can be arsed :)


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