[Wolves] Xmas meet

Jono Bacon jono at jonobacon.org
Thu Dec 16 10:38:57 GMT 2004

trig wrote:

>>Good xmas lug meeting last night, great to see all those who had
>>travelled a long way just to be there, such as Jon Masters.
It was a quality meet. We (Aq, Adam and Josh) left at about 2.15am when 
they booted us out, and then Aq and I stayed up until knocking on 4am. 
For those who may be curious, I don't feel especially well today. Maybe 
it is due to the catastrophic amount of lager I drunk last night.

What a great meet, and so great to see so many people come along. :)

>>Kats cake was legendary as ever, thanks Kat
It was great. Nice one Kat!!

>>I dread to think how Jono is feeling this morning however.
Not well I can assure you.


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