[Wolves] Xmas meet

trig wolves at trig.org.uk
Thu Dec 16 10:56:36 GMT 2004

> I will do them tomorrow if possible. I don't have my camera here at work
> and there is no broadband at home yet. :(

No problems jono.. :)
Jon Masters has some quality pix, including one of you with seriously bad
red-eye.. Which Jayne was it next to you?

I bet your pretty much fecked for work this morning.. They would be better
off employing a chimp today, I hardly doubt they will get much productive
work out of you or pretty much anyone that went last night.. Was a seriously
good night.. :) Even Emma enjoyed it, when she could hear.. She wont be
coming again tho, 'now i see why you like going, its a right laugh.. but i
wont come again, cos i couldnt hear that much and i felt out of place' awww,
bless her.. A little hug and she was ok :)

>     Jono


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