[Wolves] Mo killed my Modem :-)

sparkes sparkes at westmids.biz
Thu Dec 23 12:58:05 GMT 2004

Peter Cannon wrote:
> On Wednesday 22 December 2004 18:45, sparkes wrote:
>>I just got told off for purchasing biscuits for cheese.  SWMBO asked me
>>to get crackers, how was I to know she meant christmas crackers.
> I've learnt a neat trick after two marriages and some 'living together' 
> relationships, get them to write it on a bit of paper take the paper to the 
> shop put it in the hands of a shop assistant get the goods go home if its 
> wrong its not your fault you followed written instructions if the shop 
> assistant got it wrong how can you be blamed?

over the last 12 years I have spent 12 years minus about 6 weeks in 
relationships like this and that was a trick I picked up early on but 
unfortunatly jennie is a very creative speller so it would still be 
wrong but would be my fault for not correcting the spellings discretly. 
  You can't win, but if you play your cards right they throw you a few 
titbits ;-)


<davee> "Sparkes, the Pete Best of LugRadio"

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