[Wolves] lilo and how to fix a dooda

Adam Sweet drinky76 at yahoo.com
Sat Dec 25 16:30:23 GMT 2004

 --- scared at geneforensic.mine.nu wrote: 

> For some unknown reason (I wish that sounded
> plausible) M$ rewrote the MBR
> and now my LILO install won't play ball.   Does
> anyone know a nice simple
> way of resolving this situation?   I have thought of
> using a knoppix disk
> but could not get it to locate the lilo.conf that is
> on my Deb install.

Windows always rewrites the mbr so it's not your
fault. I haven't bothered with boot disks since
knoppix et al appeared and that is your way forward.

Just follow James' excellent instructions at


which is my bible in such circumstances.

Just mkdir the appropriate directory to mount your hd
on and then do whichever of the 2 methods supplied, I
always do the second one.

Are you the same Leo that used to come a few years

Merry christmas.




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