[Wolves] ATI Petition and thanks to the Polish government

Adam Sweet drinky76 at yahoo.com
Sat Dec 25 17:26:41 GMT 2004

Having spent 18 months trying to get my ATI gfx card
working under Debian and being pleased with the
result, I compiled a new kernel and driver to match
and it doesn't work any more. Not even the original
one on the original kernel. Figure that...

Anyway, I came across a petition to ATI for decent
Linux drivers at


if anyone is in the same boat. I think the general
request is for X.org drivers and the provision of some
specs so people can make an open 3d accelerated
driver. Or something like that anyway.

Also there is a letter to thank the Polish government
for charging to the EU meeting and causing a fuss
about the Software Patents Directive so much so that
it was suspended. This isn't something I know much
about, I'm sure most of the LUG Radio people do, but
it would have been a bad thing for all of us.

You can sign the letter thanking the Polish government





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