[Wolves] Re: Wolves Digest, Vol 67, Issue 4 CMS

Howard Berry h.berry at blueyonder.co.uk
Thu Dec 30 13:24:37 GMT 2004

I did a lot of spade work on Plone, then discovered that it might be
over kill. I found myself reading a lot about Zope before I could get my
head round Plone.I think what put me off was that it required quite a
lot from the server and I wasn't sure whether my hosting plan would
support it. The documentation is very good for both Zope and Plone.
After a question on this mailing list, Kev put me onto Mambo, and I have
travelled a lot farther and faster. I have installed it remotely and
everything seems fine. But the documentation seems to be rather poor. It
dwindles into nothing fairly rapidly. So I am in need of help with it!
Interestingly, it (Mambo) has been awarded a gong by Linux User and
Developer- in my opinion by far the best Linux mag. To quote from the
Mambo web site:
"Mambo has won the LinuxUser & Developer Award 2004 for'Best Linux or
Open Source Software'. Mambo competed against open source luminaries
such as KDE, Firebird SQL, and eGroupware."
Regards Howard
PS Happy New Year to everyone.

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