[Wolves] ADSL or cable broadband?

Aquarius aquarius-lists at kryogenix.org
Mon Feb 2 12:46:17 GMT 2004

Old Dan spoo'd forth:
>> Actually, angel2 is not available, it's about to become a video
>> editing box. Angel1 will be, though...
> Ahem what?  I was promised Angel 2 in exchange for giving up Angel 
> 3.....  ;)
> Although Angel 1 would do the job just as well.....

Were you? Oops, I forgot that. Hm :) What are you planning on using it


"Wow," Villig said on re-entry. "It's all still here. The sky, the
earth, all that stuff. Cool. And no snakes."
           -- Michael Marshall Smith, "Only Forward"

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