[Wolves] Apple's (and pears) gone Eartha Kitt

fizzy fizzyorguk at yahoo.com
Tue Feb 3 10:12:08 GMT 2004

 --- Matthew Revell <wolveslug at understated.co.uk>
wrote: > You've probably read about Apple's
involvement with
> Pepsi and their 
> Stateside iTunes/tooth-rot tie-up, where children
> can get free song 
> downloads, as well as cavities and obesity.
> According to The Register 
> (http://www.theregister.com/content/6/35259.html),
> they showed an 
> advert, during the Superbowl, to promote the, err,
> promotion.
> According to The Reg, the unusual thing about this
> ad is that they 
> "forced" (Reg's word) convicted copyright violators
> (in other words, 
> kids downloading the latest commercialised, soulless
> crap, produced in 
> the name of a manufactured puppet) to take part in
> the ad, as an example 
> to would-be file sharers. Now, I've warmed to Apple
> over the past fews 
> years. I've finally managed to get over the fact
> that their inferior 
> architecture, but superior ability not to go
> bankrupt, beat my beloved 
> Amiga into oblivion. I've even seriously considered
> buying some kind of 
> Mac - after all, they're a M$ alternative, with a
> *nix based OS and 
> quite a cool interface. However, if this is the way
> Apple want to go, 
> I'm pretty sure I'm going to stick with the PC arch,
> Linux route. I 
> mean, I was never going to abadon Linux but the Mac
> seemed like a cool 
> way to get an easy computing life.
> Maybe I shouldn't feel so badly about a whole
> company because of one 
> advert. Maybe I'm shooting myself in the foot, by
> allowing myself to be 
> turned off the idea of buying a Mac, even tho' it's
> a good system, 
> simply because Apple seems to be going a bit dodgy.
> But then, if I 
> didn't have such feelings, I probably might not be a
> Linux user.

It isn't an apple promotion, it's a pepsi promotion. 
Pepsi have had to write on the bottles that it isn't
an apple promotion.  Apple have nothing to do with the
advert in particular. Apple made that catchphrase to
do with downloading and burning, it would be stupid of
them to do that.

I'm not an apple fan as such, but I do lurrrrrve my
ipod :) Pepsi are evil yes (did you know they own
walkers too?), RIAA are evil, but apple are a lesser
evil :) Oh, but pepsi make mountain dew, so all is
forgiven!  mmmmmm, mountain dew....


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