[Wolves] Home audio streaming

Matthew Revell wolveslug at understated.co.uk
Wed Feb 4 09:41:41 GMT 2004

Howdy guys,

I'm looking into various ways to stream music from my home network 
server, to stereos around the house.

I've found two pretty cool looking systems: the Exstreamer, from Batix 
and the fantastic looking Slimp3. The latter streams just about 
everything - including Ogg, if you have the libs installed - and has a 
remote control! :)

Originally, I was thinking about building a Linux PC and sticking it 
next to my stereo, but the Slimp3 does - almost - everything I'd like. 
The only problem is that it doesn't handle Real streams, which would be 
a "nice to have" as the BBC's archive progs and streams are all Real format.

Now, my question to the LUG is: does anyone know of a way that I can 
convert Real streams, in real time, to a raw (or MP3) stream, so that 
it'll work with the Slimp3? The Slimp3 software sits on a box anywhere 
on your network (Linux, Win, Mac or whatever) and serves up music from 
your hard disk or an external stream.

Here are some links, in case you're interested in either product:



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