[Wolves] Where does MyDoom come from?

fizzy fizzyorguk at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 5 13:52:59 GMT 2004

 --- Matthew Revell <wolveslug at understated.co.uk>
wrote: > Okay, the BBC have dragged themselves away
> navel gazing after the 
> Hutton report and have published a story, by Stephen
> Evans, on the 
> origins of MyDoom. According to Stephen, "There
> seems little doubt that 
> SCO was targeted - illegally and unacceptably, lest
> anyone be in any 
> doubt - because it has enraged many people devoted
> to the Linux 
> operating system."
> Fizzy mentioned that MyDoom appears to originate in
> Russia and that it's 
> more than likely that it's using SCO v Linux as a
> cover for yet more 
> spam associated stuff. Is there any evidence I can
> send to Stephen 
> Evans? Okay, it's not going to make any difference,
> but if he's going to 
> take the easy route of assuming members of the Linux
> community are 
> behind MyDoom, then I'd like to give him some
> reading material so that, 
> in the future, he can be better informed.
> Can anyone help me?

I was going to point you to the slashdot thread about
mydoom, instead, I can point you to the slashdot
thread about this very story!  Go fill yourself with



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