[Wolves] Where does MyDoom come from?

Matthew Revell wolveslug at understated.co.uk
Thu Feb 5 15:50:15 GMT 2004

Lee Jordan wrote:

>The Government can now get closer to the Beeb what with a former labour dude
>maybe getting Gregs job, best way to win a war etc isn't with weapons of
>mass destruction. Foxification of British news - grrrrr.
Well, both Gavyn Davies and Greg Dyke were reportedly Labour men, 
particularly Davies who was described as one of Tony's cronies.

I think the MyDoom story is yet another example of a problem that 
affects mainstream news organisations everywhere; they don't understand 
the culture around technology. What makes this worse is that they don't 
realise there's anything there to understand, so they have no reason to 
believe that there could be anything more to the a story than meets the eye.

Having recently watched Amercian news, I would say nothing that we have 
is quite that insular yet. However, the new ITV News at 10:30 certainly 
betrays the fact that Daily Mail and General Trust owns a chunk of ITN!

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